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Black oxide

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Black oxide on steel :

AMS 2485L et MIL-DTL-13924D CLASS 1

Black oxide on stainless steel :


General information & our black oxide process

Black oxide Placage Boucherville
At Placage Boucherville we offer black oxide treatment on steel or stainless steel parts. This treatment allows the part to increase its resistance to corrosion, improve the appearance of its surface and minimize light reflection without altering its dimensions.
During the treatment, the part is first cleaned to remove grease, dirt, and oils from its surface by being soaked in a tank for this purpose.
The room is then immersed in another pool containing high-intensity heated chemicals. When the part is ready to be removed from this tank, it is then impregnated with oil, which allows it to obtain an optimal resistance to corrosion.
Here at Placage Boucherville, we make sure to always follow the highest standards in the industry and this is why we’ve been able to serve our clients for the last 20 years.
Capacity as far as 32’’ x 20’’ x 10’’ (Contact us for specific needs, see the get a quote button bellow)
Improves the appearance of the surface
No change in hardness
Good electrical conductivity
Strong corrosion protection
No unpleasant steam production during welding
No dimension alteration

Step 1


The parts are first cleaned to remove grease, dirt and oils from their surfaces by being soaked in a basin made for this purpose.

Step 2


The parts are then immersed in another basin containing chemicals heated at high intensity.

Step 3


When the treatment of the part is finished, it is then impregnated with oil which allows it to obtain optimal resistance to corrosion.

We can provide a compliance letter guaranteeing the standards and quality of our products

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