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Our Products at Boucherville Placage

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Better resistance to wear, corrosion and heat
Significantly improved part corrosion resistance.
Optimal corrosion resistance

Huge production capacity to fit your every needs

Boucherville Placage
For your small or large projects, we guarantee your SATISFACTION thanks to our expertise, our superior quality and our unbeatable service. This is our promise, and has been for over 20 years.

About Boucherville Placage

Boucherville Placage
For many years now our expertise and installations have let us help our client get top quality and the best lead time of the industry. Whether you are in the aerospace industry, Industrial manufacturing or in need of esthetically pleasing part for a specific project. Our team will be able to help and answer your needs. Call or write us for more information or a quote, we will gladly help.

A more than qualified team

Boucherville Placage
Our mission is to provide superior quality metal plating services. To do so, we make sure to follow a continuous training program that allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology. The company and the majority of its employees also hold a training certificate issued by the CMQ (Quebec Metallurgy Center).

Our Projects

recent projects
Anodisation Noire Placage Boucherville
Anodizing black
Placage Boucherville Anodisation Rouge
Anodizing red
Placage Boucherville Oxide noire
Black oxide
Placage Boucherville Anodisation
Anodizing black
Anodizing gold
Passivation Stainless Steel - Boucherville
Black oxide
Red anodizing
Gold anodizing
Black anodizing
Black anodizing